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[audio]r i g i d f o x h o l e - Charles Amirkhanian, Richard Friedman & Anthony Gnazzo
This incurably bizarre program, somewhat reminiscent of John Cage's Indeterminacy, begins with "I had a hankering to shoot pins at Bartok." It features a mix of pre-recorded electronic and radio drama sound sources mixed with tape delay under readings of experimental texts by Charles Amirkhanian read by Carol Law, Anthony J. Gnazzo and Amirkhanian himself. Performed live in the KPFA studios, the writing is influenced by William Burroughs, Clark Coolidge, and Fluxus happenings artists Dick Higgin...
Keywords: Sound poetry; Anthony Gnazzo; Richard Friedman; Carol Law; Charles Amirkhanian; Fluxus; trenchermen; kitchen; Bartok; spitting
Downloads: 750 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Radio Event No 13: "Bucket - Ful Mercury Walk" by Tom Zahuranec
Broadcasted live from the Mills College Electronic Tape Music Center via a remote portable transmitter, Tom Zahuranec's "Bucket-Ful Mercury Walk" invited listeners at home to drive to Mills and assist in creating sounds using various electronic equipment including Moog and Buchla synthesizers. Guests discovered and experimented with their manipulated voices while others helped turn nobs on the instruments...
Keywords: KPFA; KPFB; Radio Event; Tom Zahuranec; Mills College Electronic Tape Music Center; Don Buchla
Downloads: 480
[audio]Radio Event No. 14: Armenia Gardenia
Armenia Gardenia” by Charles Amirkhanian, was the 14th program in the groundbreaking Radio Event series, in which audience reactions were incorporated into a live KPFA radio broadcast. This work utilizes short pre-recorded sound events, such as snatches of music or talking, that were then played over the air interspersed with long periods of silence. Amirkhanian then waited for listeners to call into the station to inquire as to the nature of the broadcast in progress...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Interactive Art; Inter-Media Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 74
[audio]Radio Event No. 15: "30 notes ascending, 24 hours apart"
A work by conceptual artist Mike Cohn in which at the beginning of each Morning Concert for the month of April a single note in sequential ascending order was broadcast.
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event; Other Finds; Mike Cohn
Downloads: 56
[audio]Radio Event No. 18: Radio Free Music Day
On November 7, 1971, between the hours of 2 PM and 4 PM, as part of its genre defying, groundbreaking Radio Event series, KPFA invited the public to play music live on the radio. The KPFA mobile bus was at a park in downtown Berkeley California where the listening public, and anybody else in the area, was asked to bring sound making devices of any sort and to play them in front of the KPFA mics. Foghorns, tympani, license plates, gongs, saxophones, guitars, and garbage cans were all welcome...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event Series; Audience Participation; Field Recordings
Downloads: 185
[audio]Radio Event No. 19: An Orchestra Is Born
One in a series of groundbreaking, audience participatory Radio Events, produced by KPFA in Berkeley California. For this program, Anthony Gnazzo, solicited from KPFA listeners, brief recordings of various sounds of their own choosing. This collection was then subjected to chance operations by Gnazzo, and lo and behold, “An Orchestra Is Born”. Somewhat reminiscent of John Cage’s “33 1/3”, the resulting auditory montage is a wonderfully diverse mix of spoken word, music, and just down r...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Events series; Anthony Gnazzo; Inter-Media; Visual Arts; Interactive Art
Downloads: 63
[audio]Radio Event No. 20: Rhododendron
Tom Zahuranec invited the radio audience down to the KPFA Music Office to communicate mentally with a rhododendron which was wired with liquid electrodes feeding impulses into a Buchla synthesizer. This program includes commentary of Amirkhanian and Zahuranec, as well as the impressions of the participants.
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Inter-Media; Visual Arts; Interactive Art; Electro-Acoustic; Electronic; Tom Zahuranec
Downloads: 543
[audio]Radio Event No. 23: Chrysanthemum Chameleon
One in a series of groundbreaking, audience participatory, Radio Events, produced by KPFA in Berkeley California. In this, the 23rd program in the series, Alex Dea and a group of 25 singers, invited the listening audience of KPFA to come to the studio, or gather at their home with friends and with the radio on, and join them in an evening of meditative chanting. In “Piece I” everyone was instructed to sing at their lowest note and gradually move to their highest note using any vowel sounds s...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event Series; Interactive Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 61
[audio]Radio Event No. 2: No Soap, Radio
This is the second in a series of groundbreaking, participatory, radio programs produced by KPFA. In this program, recorded on October 31, 1969, Berkeley California sculptor, Peter Veres, invited listeners to take part in a do-it-yourself Halloween Brindle Party, a self-proclaimed Witches’ Sabbath, all through the magic of the radio air waves. (What’s a Brindle you ask, why it's the opposite of a Mugwamp of course.) Prior to the actual event, subscribers to the KPFA program guide were encour...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Interactive Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 114
[audio]Radio Event No. 3: Furniture Mix by Anna Halprin
Dance choreographer and intermedia artist Anna Halprin leads the KPFA audience in a participatory event, recorded live on Thursday evening, November 20, 1969. Listeners are encouraged to re-arrange their furniture at home in time to music played over the air and then to visualize a fantasy which occurred to them in the process. These fantasies are called into the station toward the conclusion of the program...
Keywords: Performance Art; Inter-Media; San Francisco Dancers' Workshop Company; Anna Halprin
Downloads: 703
[audio]Radio Event No. 4: DD
Stanley Lunetta, editor of the avant-garde music periodical “Source”, invited the listening audience to participate at home as part of KPFA’s groundbreaking, interactive, participatory, Radio Event series. Using a graphic score and list of instructions published in the December 1969 KPFA Folio, or program guide, audience members were encouraged to listen to various programs on KPFA while altering the settings of their radios...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Interactive Art; Electronic Music; Audience Participation
Downloads: 77
[audio]Radio Event No. 5: X-Change
Composed in 1969 specifically for broadcast on KPFA’s groundbreaking, audience participation, Radio Event series, Anthony Gnazzo has created yet another hilarious work of sound poetry or aural montage. Mixing snippets of advertisements, announcements, and music from the mainstream media with excerpts of phone interviews that Gnazzo conducted with KPFA listeners about their impressions of radio programming and commercials, this work captures the combination of youthful innocence and crass capit...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media; Visual Arts; Interactive Art; Participatory Art; Anthony Gnazzo
Downloads: 96
[audio]Radio Event No. 7: Junk and All that Jazz
A lengthy aural montage of interviews and monologues on the topic of “junk” mixed with snippets of jazz music and live in-studio chatter and listener phone calls to KPFA. Under the direction of composer Anthony Gnazzo, his text-sound composition was played on the radio during one of KPFA’s groundbreaking listener participatory Radio Events. Chaotic and fun, this sort of adventurous and experimental programing was typical of the anarchistic artistic world that was Berkeley during the late 1...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Sound Poetry; Inter-Media; Visual Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 252
[audio]Radio Event No. 8: Bags
In a unique integration of radio, art, and the listening audience, Peter Veres, Anthony Gnazzo, and Gene Turitz present an interactive documentary on bags. This intermedia event was co-sponsored by KPFA and the Berkeley Art Center in Live Oak Park, Berkeley. This program is, in many ways, a field recording of children and other visitors interacting in a room full of bags at the Art Center, while Veres, Gnazzo, and Turitz provide a running commentary on the events as they unfold (or get crumpled)...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Interactive Art; Inter-Media; Visual Arts; Bags; Field Recordings
Downloads: 46
[audio]Radio Event No. 9: Boiling Water
One in a series of groundbreaking, audience participatory, Radio Events, produced by KPFA in Berkeley California. This program, entitled “Boiling Water” was created by Philip Corner in conjunction with Charles Amirkhanian and his wife Carol Law. In order to participate, the audience was encouraged to listen to the radio while standing near the stove. The general idea was to have the audience boil some water and make some tea, or some other warm beverage, in concert with the two on-air person...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Interactive Art; Inter-Media Art; Audience Participation
Downloads: 71
[audio]Radio Event: No. 1 Radio Caress
This is the first in a series of programs produced by KPFA's Music Department in which artists from various disciplines were asked to take any amount of air time and get the audience to respond physically to the audio broadcast instead of just being passive listeners. While the events can be enjoyed as auditory soundscapes the primary purpose was to produce "event art" or "happenings", with the listeners as active participants...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radio Event series; Inter-Media art; Interactive art; Audience participation; Soundscapes
Downloads: 86
[audio]Radio Visions: The New Consonance, 1981 - Charles Amirkhanian
The New Consonance Starting in 1969, Charles Amirkhanian was the first radio producer to broadcast substantial quantities of music by first generation minimalist composers. His early interviews with Steve Reich, John Adams, Paul Dresher, Laurie Anderson, Lou Harrison, and others form the basis of this fascinating exigesis of the sea change in contemporary music brought on by the use of consonant harmonies, steady pulse, and hypnotic repetition...
Keywords: Avantgarde; Electronic; Documentary; 20th Century Classical
Downloads: 640
[audio]Radiofest: The Pioneers of Electronic Music in America
This is a program, produced by the American Society of University Composers in conjunction with Radiofest: New American Music, in which the work of two early American pioneers in electronic music is explored. During the early 1950s Otto Luening and Vladimir Ussachevsky collaborated on a number of electro-acoustic recordings that utilized the newly available tape recorder, and employed such seemingly basic techniques as feed back and changing tape speeds to transform pitch with considerable effec...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radiofest; Documentary; Electro-Acoustic; Electronic
Downloads: 259
[audio]Radiofest: Whatever Happened to the Avant-Garde ?
This is the second, mostly self-contained, half of a program produced by the American Society of University Composers in conjunction with Radiofest: New American Music, in which the state of avant-garde music in the late 1970s is explored. The program begins with a look back at a typical avant-garde performance from the heady days of the 1960s, for which an audience gathered to witness the ignition of a single jet engine...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Radiofest; Documentary; Avant-Garde
Downloads: 121
[audio]Rae Imamura performs Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants - Fifth Collection at Other Minds 4, 1997 - Fujieda
East Bay pianist Rae Imamura performs the Bay Area premiere of Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants - Fifth Collection at the Other Minds Music Festival in 1997 at San Francisco's Cowell Theater. Fujieda is an important figure in Japan's post-minimalist movement.
Keywords: 20th Century Classical; Minimalism; Avantgarde
Downloads: 516
[audio]Rae Imamura performs Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants - Seventh Collection at Other Minds 4, 1997 - Fujieda
East Bay pianist Rae Imamura performs the Bay Area premiere of Mamoru Fujieda's Patterns of Plants - Seventh Collection at the Other Minds Music Festival in 1997 at San Francisco's Cowell Theater. Fujieda is an important figure in Japan's post-minimalist movement.
Keywords: Avantgarde; Minimalism; 20th Century Classical
Downloads: 450
[audio]Raga: Indian Vocal and Gottuvadyam Music
From a 1992 broadcast, host Prabha Gopal, presents a program of both Northern and Southern classical Indian vocal and instrumental music. The initial focus of the program is on examples of Indian vocal music from both the North and the South of the country, and yet each featuring lyrics sung in Sanskrit. The vocalists are Pandit Jasraj and Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, both recognized masters, and the contrasts between the two styles of singing are elucidated by the informative commentary of the hos...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Music; World Music; Raga
Downloads: 1,224
[audio]Randy Weston & African Rhythms perform Blues for Langston Hughes & Other Selections at Other Minds 8, 2002 - Randy Weston
Randy Weston and African Rhythms perform new and classic works of Weston's at Other Minds Music Festival 8 in 2002 at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco California. The music, according to Robin D.G. Kelley, New York Times jazz critic and NYC African Studies Professor, "...pushes the African rhythms to the foreground and always tries to work within a framework true to the source, whether it's the West African dance music called highlife or sacred songs from Morocco...
Keywords: Jazz
Downloads: 4,142 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Reflections on Carlos Chavez After His Death by Lou Harrison & Aaron Copland - Lou Harrison & Aaron Copland
Statement by Lou Harrison, 5min. Statement by Aaron Copland, 1 min. Recorded by Charles Amirkhanian during the 1978 Cabrillo Music Festival, held annually in August in Santa Cruz, CA. Chavez, the distinguished Mexican composer, born in 1899 just had passed away in Mexico City on August 2nd.
Keywords: Classical
Downloads: 688
[audio]Rehearsal of Roger Sessions’ String Quartet No. 2
The Griller String Quartet (Sidney Griller and Jack O’Brien - violins, Philip Burton - viola, Colin Hampton - cello) rehearses String Quartet No. 2 (1951) by Roger Sessions. This piece, the last before Sessions began to incorporate serial techniques in his music, features some use of twelve-tone technique, within a structure built from themes and variations. The composer works in fine detail with quartet, dealing with issues of articulation, dynamic, bowing, and tempo...
Keywords: Music; 20th Century Classical; Chamber Music; Griller String Quartet; Roger Sessions
Downloads: 612
[audio]Residue - Amy X Neuburg
Track Listing:The Tattoo SongStoneMy Fuzzy MuseAtten-tionEvery Little StainMy GodInsomniacJust a SoundLife Stepped InFinally BlackThese Heavy GapsResidue This album can be purchased from the Other Minds webstore.You can explore the Other Minds site at www.otherminds.org for more music, events, and updates.
Keywords: Post-Modern Rock
Downloads: 12
[audio]Rex Radio: The Music of Bill Horvitz
Phil Lesh and Gary Lambert present music from New York guitarist-composer Bill Horvitz. After a brief introduction a series of musical selections are heard including recordings of a jazz ensemble performing “The Mirrored Heart” and “The Way It Feels,” both recorded on December 5, 1986 at Roulette in New York City. Sandwiched in between are three compositions for solo electric guitar. The first, “Coyote Man in the Center of the Sun,” was commissioned for a celebration of the Summer So...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Music; Rex Radio series; Interview; Jazz; Guitar Music
Downloads: 237
[audio]Ricardo Tacuchian at Other Minds 8, 2002 - Ricardo Tacuchian
Richardo Tacuchian's 2002 performance at The Other Minds Music Festival 8 in San Francisco California. Imagem Carioca (1987) U.S. Premiere The Mexican Guitar Quartet (Tomas Barreiro, Santiago Gutierrez Bolio, Santiago Lascurain, Rodrigo Placencia) Impulsos No. 2 (1980) U.S. Premiere Michael Kudirka & Eric Benzant-Feldra, guitar duo Paprica (1999) U.s. Premiere David Tanenbaum, classical guitar solo Estruturas Gemeas (Twin Structures) for Piano Four-Hands (1978) San Francisco Premiere Continuum (...
Keywords: World Music; Classical Guitar; Avantgarde
Downloads: 1,274
[audio]Richard Teitelbaum at Other Minds 8, 2002 - Richard Teitelbaum
Richard Teitelbaum's performance from 2002 at the Other Minds Music Festival 8 in San Francisco California. Richard Teitelbaum: Blends (1977), for shakuhachi, synthesizer and percussion (West Coast Premiere) Performed by The Other Minds Ensemble (Masayuki Koga, shakuhachi; Richard Teitelbaum, Kurzweil synthesizer; Geoffrey Gordon, tables & percussion) As Teitelbaum explained in 2002: "I composed Blends while studying with the great shakuhachi master Katsuya Yokoyama in Tokyo in 1976-77, and many...
Keywords: Avantgarde; 20th Century Classical
Downloads: 1,243
[audio]Ring of Fire - Del Sol String Quartet
Track Listing:Dong: Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter Suite - Spring Ung: Spiral X, "In Memoriam" (For Amplified String Quartet) Body: Epicycle Frank (GL): Leyendas, An Andean Walkabout - Chasqui Na: Song Of The Beggars Zhou Long: Song Of The Ch'In Adams: John's Book Of Alleged Dances - Toot Nipple Sculthorpe: Quartet \#16 For Strings - Yearning What Remains (Improvisation, 2007) This album can be purchased from the Other Minds webstore.You can explore the Other Minds site at www.otherminds.org f...
Keywords: Other Classical
Downloads: 18
[audio]Robert Dick, Speaking of Music at the Exploratorium in 1990 - Robert Dick
Flute virtuoso Robert Dick performs his works Flames Must Not Encircle Sides and Further Down while discussing his efforts to extend flute techniques and his work on designing a new flute capable of playing chords. In Part Two, Robert Dick performs Heart of Light for Ab alto piccollo, Look Out, which he composed for High School students, Another Look, a flute solo in the style of Jimi Hendrix, and discusses his teacher, Indian flute music, and the flute in 20th century music.
Keywords: 20th Century Classical
Downloads: 796
[audio]Roland Young on the Development of African American Music
A recording of a 1979 lecture by Roland P. Young, given at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Young was, at the time of this recording, a musician, composer, KPFA program host, and aspiring musicologist, or sound philosopher. In his talk, which he entitled, “The Social, Political, and Aesthetic Development of African American Classical Music,” Young attempts to trace certain elements of jazz back to their roots in native African musical traditions...
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Lecture; Panel Discussion; World Music; Jazz
Downloads: 120
[audio]Russian Liturgical Music
Larry Jackson introduces three works of liturgical music by three different Russian composers, Tchaikovsky, Grechaninov and Kalinnikov.
Keywords: KPFA-FM; Music; Classical Music; Liturgical Music; Russian Composers
Downloads: 1,344
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